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Promoting Empathy-Based AI

What is the compelling question or challenge?

How can we continue to progress in the rapidly expanding field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a way that promotes empathy and compassion in the world?

What do we know now about this Big Idea and what are the key research questions we need to address?

The progression of AI systems has led to a polarizing discussion on the ethics of Artificial Intelligence and its role in society. As we determine the place of AI collectively as a human race, there is ongoing research on artificial empathy and the importance of considering the impact on humans when building technology.

Some essential questions that we will need to address:

  • How can Artificial Intelligence be more empathetic?
  • How can healthcare settings use Artificial Intelligence to improve patient outlook?
  • What new applications can enhanced AI enable?
  • Which human characteristics or aspects of emotion will be integrated into AI systems?
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